Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I be gettin' busy.

I skyped with my parents tonight (hey mom, hey dad), and they pointed out that we've been slowing down on our blog updates. On my part, it's not for a lack of effort, but rather that new events are fewer and farther between these days. We're settling in. For Denise, her life is preoccupied with either studying or hastily trying to relax, so her posts tend to either come as a study break or after one of the monthly exams.

I've been waiting until a few things are official, but I now have two significant updates.

One significant update ha, ha, ha!

I have been promoted to Island Thrift Manager. I'll be taking over for Eric in January. What this means, essentially, is that I have to keep almost all of the Island Thrift stock here in our apartment (Denise has remarked that it's like having a North American store right in our own home. In particular she's pretty happy that she gets first dibs on candy and stationary when it arrives. I think she's enjoying my job more than I am), and do the necessary paperwork every night. I also need to be managerial (who knew). I'm pretty excited about this, because it allows me to determine my own hours, it's a pay raise, and it's exciting to have a project to work on, and hopefully ameliorate, while I'm here.

Two significant updates, ha, ha, ha!
The second thing is that I've been hired as a homeschooling teacher for a first grade boy, as well as hopefully his three cousins. I'm particularly excited about this because it's a chance to get back into an educational environment. It's nice to be able to work on my career while I'm here. It's also fantastic experience for me, a good source of income, and provides a pretty flexible schedule. I start next week. I'm really looking forward to it.

Other than that, life is little changed here. Denise is gearing up to face her third exam on Monday, so it's a stressful time for her. She has, however, been rocking the shit. So no worries.

Our hockey team has been playing well but losing consistently. We're considering trading a draft pick or two to steal other teams' players.

And we still miss Canada. We'll be home soon.


  1. the count, can't count. that's a good 5 fingers he's holding up.

    oh, and like congrats on the job stuff :)

  2. Couldn't find one with two. If you squint and ignore his left hand, it's a two.

  3. Are you going to Van at christmas? I think we had this convo but I don't remember. Let me know. Ps: finally got international stamps so I can write you...yeah, finally. I'm super lame.

  4. I wouldn't feel too bad about those stamps. They're like, really really hard to find.

    I'll be in Vancouver from 16th (I think) to the 22, so only a few days. When are you in town?

  5. I think I'll head back for the 17th or 18th. Lots of time. I vote for Settlers, and Calhoun's. God I hate North York.

  6. I didn't even know this, wtf, I haven't read your blog in so long. But good job with the jobs.