Wednesday, October 20, 2010


To follow up on the Nail Clipper (whom I did not end up shanking, btw)...

I am in a DIFFERENT silent room in the library.  Luckily, the Nail Clipper is not in here.  However, her evil partner in crime, the SUPER LOUD SLURPER is!

Seriously, this guy is taking about 5 tiny super loud sips of what I assume to be coffee every 30 seconds.  If it's too hot to drink, don't drink it!!!

Oh wait, he just now took a LONG loud sip...way to go little buddy.

It is possible that my patience is running lower the longer I am here.
It is also equally possible that I am just surrounded by an increased number of idiots. 

On a separate note, my little brother managed to break his ankle yesterday.  I specifically told him to wait until I was done school to destroy his body, but the kid doesn't listen.  His timing is actually excellent though, since I have a lecture on the foot and ankle tomorrow, including fractures!

- Denise - 

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  1. med school is full of idiots. i don't know how half of these people get in.. or manage to stay in! i think mark gets some awesome questions daily too hahaha