Saturday, March 26, 2011

49 days later.....

So…it appears as though I haven’t blogged since February 5th….my bad….luckily Mark has been keeping y’all up to date.  However, there are some VERY important things that Mark routinely fails to blog about.


In my last post, I talked about how I ordered a bag from ModCloth for being awesome on my neuro practical.  Well, Steph and I were waiting and waiting for our tracking number….it never came…so, Steph emailed ModCloth and it went something like this:

Steph: “Yo, where our bags at?”

ModCloth: “Uhhhhhh…I dunno…srry!”

Steph: “I’m gonna smack you…."

ModCloth: “The bag is out of stock now…here’s all your money back plus a 20% off coupon”

Steph (and me): “Grrrrrr for not sending our bag/Yeah! for wicked customer service”

WELL!  Steph and I got a very pleasant surprise when a mysterious package appeared on campus.  Turns out our bags WERE sent out!  Customs on campus tried to make us pay $250EC (about $95 CDN/USD) for the bags.  Steph, being the rockstar that she is, laughed in their face and told them that that was more than we paid for the bags (which was $0 since they refunded us).  They lowered it to $130EC (about $50 CDN/USD). 

Moral of the story: Good things happen to those who wait for 8 weeks for a package they don’t think is coming.  Shout out to Steph for dealing with all the shananigans!


Since my last post, I have had 1 midterm and 1 lab practical.  The lab practical I had the day after we got back from the cruise…I didn’t study AT ALL on the cruise, despite my great intentions and taking the books with me.  I still ended up passing the exam though!

My neuro midterm (which I wrote before the cruise) was okay (delayed cruise photos below).  I didn’t get an A, but I MIGHT be able to finish the course with an A if I rock the final.  The neuro midterm was our first test at the new computer examination centre, which I HATE WITH A FIREY PASSION!  They have it set up so that you can’t go over your exam at the end.  If you finish early, you just sit there until everyone is done.  It’s stupid and unfair and I hate it.

Ours was the big one...I think the little one is totally impressed.
Quaint little Bonaire in the Netherland Antilles....worth going to, for sure....
Me in line for Starbucks in Aruba....I almost lost my mind......it was as good as I remembered.....
Mark being a total dweeb at Starbucks in Aruba.......that's right ladies, I'm marrying this man....voluntarily......
Our future vacation house in Aruba...no big deal....y'all can come visit if you want.....
Not a shabby life...
So many fishies swimming under our boat!

Bask to school.....
My digestive & renal midterm went better.  I got my A, which was a pleasant surprise.  I still hate the computer exam.  It is near impossible to pace yourself appropriately because you don’t know what questions are coming up (vs. a paper exam where you can flip through the entire exam and decide how to divide your time).  Although I got an A, it was a very low A, and would have been MUCH higher with a paper exam.

A girl can dream...

I have 4 more exams and the final in the next 24 days….I am trying very hard not to pull my own hair out…


Mark and I have picked a venue.  By Mark and I, I mean I sent my mom, maid of honour (who got engaged on Valentine’s day, and I am her maid of honour!), and wedding planner to check out 4 venues for me last week.  I spoke to each of them separately, and they all agreed on a single venue…no competition.  Nothing compares to this venue.  Until the contract is signed and I KNOW it is ours, I am NOT going to say what the venue is….stay tuned!!

Also in wedding news, since I can’t do a whole lot from here, I have been playing with COLOUR SCHEMES!  I originally was set on turquoise/purple/gold, but with the venue being what it is, I might change it up.  Take a look and tell me what you think/any suggestions would be muchos appreciato:

Turquoise + Purple
Wasabi + Pumpkin (a fancy way of saying green + orange)

Cream + Blush + Pewter

Ivory + Platinum

As many of you suspected before I started medical school, I have developed an interest for pediatrics.  This semester, I was Assistant Clinical Coordinator for the Pedes Club and have been appointed Vice President/Treasurer for next semester.

On March 19
th, my friend Kaylan and I organized and ran a health clinic in a small town about 15 minutes from campus.  Local kids come by, get free check ups from the Ross students, snacks, drinks and a bouncy castle.  There is a legitimate pediatrician on site in case any of us find something abnormal (which happens pretty often).  It was a huge success (I think) and we saw something like 130 kids.

We so popular.

Ji Yeon (current president), Kaylan (future president), me, and some little rascals.
The dude in the front row with his arms crossed looking uber mad is my fave.

This morning, we had Sports Day, where local kids come to Ross Campus and get to rotate through various sports stations (tennis, basketball, ball hockey, volleyball and soccer).  There was a lot of drama and confusion leading up to it, but the day went pretty smoothly, despite the weather totally not cooperating.  It was a straight up downpour for a big chunk of the day.  The kids obviously didn’t care (except for the few little girls who were worried about their hair getting poofy), but us adults were unimpressed by mother nature.  Made for a beautiful sunset tonight though.

Okay…well, I feel like that is an adequate catch-up post…sorry for being a total lame-a-saurus rex and not blogging more!

From Toy Story 3...if you haven't seen it yet, go immediately....a real tear jerker...


  1. I like the first two color schemes. The bottom two are very pretty, but don't match your wonderfully vibrant personality. I still personally like the purple and turquoise. I think it'll look lovely on anyone =)

  2. #1 turq/purp; #2 platimun.
    and plz stop saying ya'll, eh?

  3. I agree with Cindy Lane. [awesome name by the way]

  4. Sara says you and Mark have to watch this:

  5. so i like the purple/turquoise and the blush (with the louboutin shoes) I also agree w/ the amazing-ness of our bag delivery and agree with the ya'll comment...I hate that contraction its YOU ALL and you are not from the south, i'm a huge fan of the ehh! PS love your posts they make me smile!

  6. I like all the colours and, as your future dad-law, think y'all will look spectacular in whatever you choose (how's that for a lame, Pollyanna-esque answer, that also endorses southern abbreviations, eh?[or should that be huh?]) Actually, the part I'm looking forward to most is seeing my granddaughter as a flower girl, but also the smiles on your faces as you enjoy the day and make a formal commitment to each other. The colours will be very nice no matter what you choose. luv ya, d

  7. First off, I can't stand customs, good job having a decent attitude about it. Second, I feel that wedding colors depend on how you combine them. For example, what color vests would the groom/groomsmen be wearing? What color would the bridesmaids dresses be?

  8. If you're thinking of switching the wedding colours because of the venue, and refuse to tell us the venue.... HOW can we possibly give an opinion?