Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last birthday before I'm married/divorced/widowed...

Mark and I are at the Barbados airport right now.  A surprisingly well-equipped airport: cafe, food court, free wifi, plenty of electrical outlets.  A perfect place to blog before our flight to Toronto...

You beautiful, bi-lingual beast...

It was my 26th birthday on August 7th (for those of you playing along at home).  I know what you're thinking...."Celebrating your birthday in the Caribbean!??  That's AMAZING!!!" Right? WRONG!  It probably would have been amazing for anyone other than a Ross student.  I had 3 exams within 10 days of my birthday.  Being an August baby, this is the first time EVER I've had to worry about school during my birthday.  Usually, I'm on summer vacation, chillin' like a villian.  This year, not so much.  There, were, however, a few highlights.

Mark made me an amaze-balls breakfast.  He did all the grocery shopping the day before and got up before me and got it all ready.  Then we ate it while watching an episode of Sex and the City.

M&M pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries (berries are a huge luxury here, btw), bacon, toast, fresh squeezed orange juice and real milk....yes....winning....

Video Gaming:
Breakfast was followed by video games.  We played Super Mario Bros on the Wii.  He have now beat the game.  We beat every level and collected all the star coins (including the bonus star world).  I think video games are an under-appreciated way for couples to bond.  It's all about teamwork and sacrifice and being awesome.  We plan on buying a new Wii game when we are home this break.  If anyone has any suggestions, let us know.

Your balloon, my lady.

The remainder of the day involved studying, a panic attack, a review session, and a melt-down...in that order.  

Proper Celebration:
We celebrated my birthday properly after 2 of my 3 exams.  Mark and I and some close friends went to a restaurant called West Central for dinner and drinks.  It was relaxing and lovely and exactly what the doctor ordered.

Me & Steph...isn't she pretty??

2 gingers are better than 1???  One was too much in the first place?
Note Mark's "beard"

Mark, moi, Steph, Steph, Diana, Ned...we look gooooooood.

Surprise Love:
Another highlight of this birthday was the surprise birthday cake I got at tutoring.  I tutor the semester below me with my friend Ned (refer tall red-head above).   We had a tutoring session the day before my birthday.  One of the kids we tutor has his birthday on August 7th as well, so the rest of the group surprised us with a red velvet birthday cake and a birthday card.  It was very sweet.  Sweeter than it would usually be, because I know how busy everyone is with their own stuff.  That makes it all the more special when people take time off for you.  I ALSO got a home baked apple crumble pie from the guy who shares my birthday (double awesome).


I guess that's it for now.  I had my final exam yesterday and it was TOUGH.  I would say the hardest exam so far at Ross.  It is possible I failed it.  Statistically, that is unlikely, but it is a nagging thought.    Luckily, everyone thought so, so at least it wasn't just a matter of me being an idiot.  Hopefully, I'll have my grade before Wednesday when I go wedding dress shopping!!!  I know that if I don't have my grade by then, I will be super distracted the whole time...say a little prayer for me!!

Face I will be making if I get an A or an F...I'm too burnt out for more than one expression...

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