Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's in a name?

As many of you know, last semester I was the proud Captain of WE BONED YOUR MOM, AFTER WE WINED AND DINED HER, AND WE DON'T PLAN ON CALLING HER BACK. We triumphed with a 2-8 record, good enough to proudly squeak into 8th for the playoffs, where we were soundly defeated. It's a damn good team, and I'm proud to be its captain. With that in mind, and with some genius contributions within the team, we came up with a jersey to wear for the upcoming semester:

Intimidating and hauntingly beautiful at the same time, we were sure to make our opponents collectively shit their pants.

Alas, I got an email a couple of weeks ago, telling me that due to complaints about our team name, we had to tone it down. To be honest, no offense was taken: this is a pretty crude name for a hockey team. We actually debated going ahead with it, when we originally came up with it, for fear that some of the students on the team might get in trouble, which frankly is just not worth it. We went ahead anyways, and we were politely asked to change the team name. We're more than happy to oblige, but now we have these awesome team jerseys to deal with.

So what to do?

Kudos to Brian, tied for lead scorer last semester on the team with Ned, for coming up with our new name. It is both appropriate, and incorporates our old jersey:



And no one was the wiser. We can still strike fear into our enemies, what with our baby blue jerseys flying past them in a blur of goal-scoring, while keeping a wholesome name that teaches children the value of both science and family involvement.

Also, please note how much more intimidating I look with my impressive facial hair.


  1. LMFAO, you are friggin hilarious...thank you so much for an amazing break from studying and an invigorating read, I am currently crying I am laughing so hard, I love it, you guys will kick ass

  2. You are awesome. I am even signing to write this (that is a special level of awesome). By the way, I used your phrase "coast to coast like buttered toast" the other day during my basketball game. AND why does my name come up as "Mik" on here???