Friday, October 7, 2011

Ten Day Blogging Challenge: Day 5

What don't you miss about home?

It's funny, because I recently posted about the pace of life here being so slow as to stall creativity, but there are days where I don't miss the stress of city life. I've certainly gotten used to a lot more free time; I work four hours a day, and I've started feeling entitled to my time off. A lot of spouses approach their time here as semi-retirement, and while I resisted taking on the same philosophy (nothing against them, especially since several people here just spent many years in stressful careers and want the break; I just haven't worked full-time in six years and I'm itching to get a move on for my own career), I must admit that I've become quite spoiled. I've grown used to waking up when I want to, taking my time on breakfast, enjoying a strong cup of coffee, working at a pretty laid-back job that I love for a few hours, then having my evenings free for whatever I'd like. So while I long to have my own classroom every day, I don't miss all the obligations and stress that come along with working forty plus hours a week.

Goodness. My prairie upbringing is screaming at me right now.

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