Monday, August 30, 2010

Electricity Part II, plus Cows

Mark here. This is a two parter.

First off, we've had the pleasure of experiencing our first of what will likely be several power outages. Apparently lightning (from Tropical Storm Earl) struck something important somewhere, and much of the island lost power. For Denise and I, we lost power for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, which was fine, and in the middle of last night, which was not fine. The AC stopped working, and our room quickly became very muggy. Denise felt compelled to wake me to complain, for which I am very grateful. We got the power back maybe 10 hours later, and the sound of fridge turning back on is sweet indeed. We then rested in blissful coolness.

Second part. Cows. Streets here don't really have much logic, and no one has addresses, I guess because it's small enough that the locals know where everything is. The main street which we live off of is called, I kid you not, Moo Cow Trail. The reason for this is (presumably) because maybe a dozen cows hang out on this street, and moo very loudly, and very often. Our friends from Banana Trail were disappointed to find no bananas on their street. As I was leaving the apartment this morning, right outside our building was a bull with huge horns, probably a foot long. I stared down at my flip-flops and remembered a Demitri Martin joke, where he says that wearing flip flops is a way of telling the world that you hope you don't get chased today. So I switched into sandals and walked calmly past the bull, who calmly chewed at a bush.

We've been having trouble directly uploading videos to blogger, so we uploaded a video of our neighbourhood cows to youtube. Enjoy.


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