Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trip to Roseau

Mark here. Today there were events planned for spouses, family and friends (btw, I count as "spouse" here, much to Denise's delight). The main event was a trip to the capital, Roseau. It's an hour bus ride from the campus, and it winds and bumps the whole way - almost vomit inducing. Roseau itself is pretty cool, though similarly underdeveloped. What was so exciting about it was that I was able to find several products that we couldn't find near the university, or products that were half the price (I discovered that the local beer, which tastes like Molson Canadian, can be purchased for about 2 EC [75 cents CDN] a pop), like Nutella, chicken broth, and cutlery. What we've found is that things that are small and non-perishable (like pasta or canned goods) are cheap, but things that are large or expire quickly (like furniture or milk) are very pricey, I suppose because everything is imported. It's nice to have our place stocked a little bit, though we are both beginning to miss having milk available.

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