Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another one down.

Just finished this today, The Girl who Played with Fire. It's very similar to the first one. It's long, but I really enjoyed the pacing, the author drives you crazy by leading you along slowly and thoroughly. Well worth the read, but after tackling the first one.


  1. Well, just got caught up on a couple of weeks of Blogs. Hope the Slurper and Nail Clipper have possible posts in the future President's (ie Mark's) Cabinet. Not into the lingo yet of Ross spouses, so I figured that some guy named Ross had a number of spouses (spousae? spice?) (If you decline a noun or verb, does that mean you turn it down?)
    How bout those Leafs! Glad to hear your sexy plays won a hockey game for you.
    I have no idea what Selecting a Profile for this comment means or does, but call me daddio or dadlaw. TTFN. d
    PS Oh, oh, cannot post without choosing a profile... Still not sure what that just did...

  2. One day, father, you'll figure out these dang contraptions.

  3. I thought Dad's post was so funny that I wasn't sure it was dad. But then he said TTFN and who else says that?