Friday, October 15, 2010

A paint job and a hard-fought victory.

We're becoming dangerously popular. Welcome Kate, another Ross spouse with a rockin' blog.

Two things of note today.

First, about two meters in front of the Island Thrift tables is what I can only imagine is a generator. It is maybe two feet deep, three feet tall and four feet long, and makes a lot of noise. For some reason, they decided to surround it with metal bars recently. These bars don't stop anything, contain anything, and really have no purpose, except maybe to entice children to come climb a generator. Two days ago, a Ross employee spent an entire morning painting these bars white. He was very careful, very deliberate, as if this paint job were his masterpiece, or as if he were being paid by the hour. Yesterday he came back, and painted one section red. Again, very careful. This man is an artist. Today, I came by Island Thrift. Swear to God, the man had painted the entire thing white again. Singlehandedly, we are keeping the local economy afloat.

Second, the hockey team that Denise and I are on, "Coast to Coast like Butter Toast", won a game today! We'd got our butts kicked the first two games, and at half time we were down 4-1, but with a change of strategy and some sexy plays, we won 5-4. So exciting!


  1. I too have noticed the white/red/white or blue/red/blue painting happening around campus. I started wondering if maybe the red is like an anti-rust treatment?! They did the same thing to the CAC stairs this week.

  2. Katie, your down to earth commentary is ruining my theory that all workers here are useless. Let me have my day in the sun.

  3. I happened to notice that it was actually the inital white paint that was anti-rust....so take THAT logic (aka. Katie).

  4. I'm at a loss. It's like the cows: WHY??