Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday market adventures.

First things first, welcome Adena! We now have ten followers. Hopefully the big bucks should start rolling in soon.

I made a solo trip to the market this morning. Denise was up until 3 am and has an exam on Monday, so getting up with me at 630 to go shopping was out of the question. She's been kicking ass and chewing bubble gum. Too bad she's all out of gum.

At the market, sellers announce the arrival of fish by blowing into a conch. I love the sounds of the market, as people joke around with each other, yell at each other, the sound of the conch blows from time to time, and all around you merchants are yelling deals at you. It's so exciting.

A conch.
There was a good haul today, but the new advent was sugarcane. Naturally it kind of looks like bamboo, but they strip it and sell it raw. You bite off pieces, chew it to get the sugary taste, and spit it out after a few seconds. Tasty.

On the way back from the market, the cab driver had his radio tuned to some cheesy classic love songs station, and he wailed along with the music. I along with 7 other passengers had no choice but to listen.


  1. I have to say, I was excited to find this (ie your blog, not the conch). I just hope you're not expecting me to send you money.

  2. This pro bono stuff is making me poor. Glad you stumbled on it. I think I'll stumble on yours soon.