Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A long catch-up post...

Greetings friends,

Finally, after weeks of studying, I have free time.  Theoretically, I COULD be studying right now, but frankly, I have decided that I have earned the right to a day off.  It’s a national holiday, so nearly everything on campus is closed anyway, making this a perfect day to sit in a café (/the only café) with my laptop, my boyfriend, and my In Style magazine.  I got a head start on relaxing yesterday and went to the pool with my buddy Suzie, where we talked about fall fashion, and all the beautiful things we can’t wear here…

This past Monday, I wrote my 3rd midterm (they call them Minis here….which I guess is supposed to sound less scary than midterm).  Despite honestly thinking that I had potentially failed, I was pleasantly surprised when my grade was released (A is for Denise is Accidently Awesome).  Now, as a reward, I get to buy myself something online (up to $100 CAD), and have it shipped to my parent’s house.  I do this every time I get an A.  The goal is that I will do SO well in med school that I will have a heaving pile of presents waiting for me when I get home at Christmas, in addition to all the ones my spoiling parents buy me.  I am having a hard time deciding what to buy myself this time...any suggestions?

In less recent news, Mark and I were considering adopting a puppy from a friend of ours (hi Kate! And Happy Birthday!!).  He is SO cute.  It was the first time since Bowser died that I actually considered having a pet again.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out (our landlord gave us a bunch of reasons, all fair, as to why we couldn’t have a pet in our current apartment).  Fortunately, the dog did find a home.  With a face like this, how couldn’t he?

Rocky Balboa

I guess Mark and I had the option of moving into a pet-friendly apartment and taking the dog, but we really like where we live, and our landlord.  Also, I was afraid that with each semester becoming busier than the last, that all the burden of caring for a dog would fall on Mark, and that isn’t fair either.  I’m sure once we settle, he will have a dog, but the timing right now just didn’t work out.  L

On a less sad note, and in even less recent news, I had the luxury of going to Winnipeg a month ago for my cousin Jennifer’s wedding, in which I was a bridesmaid.  It was so fun and so sad at the same time.  I wanted to stay!  The first thing I did in the Toronto airport on my way up to Winnipeg was order Starbucks….obviously.  It tasted even better than I remembered…..

Iced grande sugar-free-vanilla non-fat caramel macchiato = heaven.
And yes, I was so excited that I got a barista to take a photo...

The next thing I did was order a Caesar at the bar….I may or may not have been a little bit drunk for the Toronto-Winnipeg connection…no big deal since I wasn’t flying.

I have no idea why my eyes look so small in this photo....

Due to a problem with the plane, I got to Winnipeg late (2am when it was supposed to be midnight).  My cousin Denine’s boyfriend, a ginger named Mark, picked me up from the airport and drove me to the mother-of-the-bride’s house (my mom’s cousin Natal).  The wedding the next day was rad.  I loved having an excuse to wear make-up and get my hair done.

Denine's Mark - my surrogate ginger while in Winnipeg
Me, my folks, and my bro.  The blonde girl, who is clearly not related to us, in my brother's girlfriend, Danica.
She's cool and stuff.
The next day, my family went over to Mark’s parents house for brunch.  We were all flying out that afternoon.  We Skyped with Mark while we were there….which was very awkward and cumbersome, but really fun.  Mark’s niece is the cutest.

Old photo, but you get an idea of the level of cute we are dealing with here...

I was welcomed by crazy rainfall when I landed in Dominica (we almost didn’t land because the weather was so bad).  By the time I got home after the 1 hour cab ride, I was ready to die.  The airport-to-Ross drive is probably the most nauseating ride I have ever been on.  Luckily, I had Mark at home ready to take care of me!

So…..I guess that’s pretty much it for now.  I think I am all caught up on my news.

T-43 days until I am back in Vancouver.  Yeah!


  1. hehehe T-44 days until i'm back in toronto! weoo!
    ps; those shoes you just sent me are cute.. buuuut i think that something like that cute bustier from aritzia may be cuter..

  2. PUPPY! I think he looks a bit like Frankie must have as a puppy. Adorable.

  3. This was the most romantic post ever.


  4. More importantly, T-43 days until sushi.

    I'll be around when you guys are around, btw.

  5. Yes all, the dog is precious.

    @CindyLane: Aritzia is worth waiting until you get home....I will forward you any sale promos I can't use.

    @Adena: are you back in Vancouver?

    @Jocelyn: I GUESS it's a romantic post....

    @Kelmarie: Sushi date? How long are you in Vancouver for before heading to the scrotum of BC, I mean, Vernon?