Monday, December 6, 2010

An update on how awesome I am, and how awesome Mark is...in our own ways...

Greetings world,

Today, I wrote my LAST MIDTERM for the semester.  All I have left now is a final next Tuesday, and then I am officially done my first semester of medical school.

I was pretty nervous about this exam this morning.  I didn’t feel prepared, despite hours upon hours of studying in the weeks leading up to it.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I got my grade back this afternoon (I never cease to be amazed by how fast Ross is at getting you your grades….at UBC you would have to wait for weeks).  I got an A!  And we all know what that means…online shopping!  (It also means I am ONE exam away from my Tiffany’s ring)  Here are a few of the things I am thinking of getting for this midterm though.  I can’t decide, so opinions would be appreciated (links are at the bottom if you wanted to check out the awesome websites for your own personal needs).  Most of the things fall well below my $100 limit, so there is some room for mixin' and matchin'.

One thing I am getting for sure is this map.  It’s covered in foil, so you can scratch off where you’ve been…like a lottery ticket!  So cool!  Not sure if Dominica is on there...

1. Regular map.

2. Scratchy scratchy
3. Custom map

Part of the reason I might have done surprisingly well this morning is because my awesome boyfriend got up with me at 7am, even though he didn’t work until 1pm, and made me fresh squeezed orange juice.  That’s right, the man literally rolled out of bed and squeezed oranges for me, none for himself.  If that’s not love, I don’t know what love is.
What a guy.

In back-dated news, below is a picture of our hockey team.  We’re like an old car.  At first, you’re like, “Why am I investing in this...it stinks”, and then you get some new parts and clean it up a bit, and you end up with a fine running machine.  We are still awaiting new parts…but we remain optimistic.  One of our team-mates is missing from the photo.  She was the only other girl, but had to leave before we took this picture to go play a volleyball game.

Coast to Coast Like Buttered Toast
From left to right: Denise, Mark, Donald, Mike, Idene, Marco (missing: Constance)

NB: Marco had never held a hockey stick before he played with us.  However, he is an awesome soccer player.  He pretty much just used his feet and shoulders for a lot of the game and sort of dragged the stick around with him.  He was amazing!
I guess that’s it for now.  I am going to start slowly packing throughout the week.  Mark and I are heading to Pagua Bay right after my exam is done next week.  For those who don’t know, Pagua Bay is the closest thing Dominica has to a resort.  It is 5 minutes from the airport, so it will save us travelling time when we fly out the next day.   Plus, they have steak, which might be how I decide to celebrate the end of the semester (unless I decide to hold out for The Keg).
Here are some more random pictures…

Mark with cows in our backyard.
These are the same cows from the videos...they are like celebrities and we are cow-paparazzi.

Me with palm tree at school.
On our way home from a celebratory drink after an exam.

Ciao for now!



  1. Yippppeeee! Good job Denise (and Mark of course.) See you soon.

  2. Ya your almost done!! Ok I like the flower skirt and the jumper...and the necklace the best BUT I also like everything else on there lol.

  3. Loving the jumper and the purse! Congrats on the A!!

    You may know this already, but be sure to tell Alicia before you get there that you want steak for dinner. They only make it on a pre-order basis!

  4. i looove the map! and the floral skirt.. however, the one from aritzia is nicer ;P but the vs skirt is SO cute!

  5. I'm a huge fan of that purse!! You must buy it!

  6. I WANT that purse... It is beautiful!