Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to gut a fish.

The flying fish meal was largely a success; we don't know how to debone the suckers, and so with every bite the things exacted revenge by sticking little bones between our teeth. Besides that, it was very tastey, and Denise is a wicked cool woman for knowing how to do things like this:


  1. Are those flying fish native to Isle of Dominica? How did you prepare it?
    Love them fish guts.

  2. Daniel! I should have known you'd like this one. They're not native here, no; in fact, they're hard to find here. In Barbados they're everywhere, and (though this isn't the most reliable source) in the book Life of Pi, they're also in the Pacific Ocean.

    We cooked it by frying them in vegetable oil, and putting some salt. Pretty friggin tasty.

  3. You took the had off, the head is the tastiest part