Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The elusive sunburn finally catches up to me, and it turns out I'm ok at hockey.

First thing's first: Welcome Swati! We look forward to having you as a neighbour, where you can come knock on our door and tell us in person what you thought of our posts. Because, you know, we love attention and stuff. Our family of followers is now 25, not to mention the ever increasing faithful who creepily, and consistently, read our blog without telling us. You know who you are.


I finally got a sunburn. Not the worst, but my face and arms are pretty thoroughly red. We played the final hockey game of the semester last Saturday, and I forgot to put sunscreen on. It's really a testament to my ginger-ness that even under cloud cover, I can look like a tomato afterwards. I would like to thank my parents for my genes.

It happened to be the last game of the semester because it was the playoffs, and we happened to lose. While this is not a surprise to anyone who knows our team (we're not terrible good), the way we lost made me proud. The team we played, we had previously lost 14-6 to (or something like that), and we were expecting another blowout. For the majority of the game though, we were winning. We had a two goal lead with ten minutes to go, but then the superstar on their team (Dave, don't know if you read this, but what's up) scored three goals straight near the end, and we couldn't recapture the lead, despite a close buzzer beater shot that missed by maybe a foot. The final score was 8-7. A heartbreak, to be sure, but it's very promising that we played so much better this time around. Our team has definitely improved, and hopefully next semester we'll be much more competitive. For myself, I've improved quite a bit - I think I scored maybe three goals last semester, and this semester I scored ten (seven in the last four games). I'm definitely looking forward to hockey next semester, and now have a thorough motive to rock cardio at the gym.

If that bandana were actually red hair, this is what I look like right now.


  1. My sunburns are always worse if it's cloudy, I think this is because the clouds intensify the suns rays (especially if it's a thin cloud cover).

  2. Oh my! I feel SO special that I got a SHOUT OUT!

    :) I can't wait to be neighbors! I always cook too much Indian food, so it'll be nice to have neighbors to share it with now and also people to chat with!!!!

  3. creepy and anonymous.

  4. I still refer you to the youtube clip I posted on the last blog post. Mark, I think you would get a kick out of it - for reals, yo! Oh, and man the f*%k up ginger, and nice work on the goal scoring.

  5. Saw it, ja ja ja. Hey SJ, you know what would be cool? If you went back on Facebook. Just sayin'.

    Not that we don't enjoy your comments. But chemon.

  6. Sheesh. Tough crowd here. Sorry no can do facebook. I have a twenty page paper, and two courses to learn in 11 days. No bueno. Then I'm home on the 19th. You guys coming back for the summer at all?

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fp-j72ALHHs&feature=fvst