Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Top 10 Reasons my Boyfriend/Fiancee is better than your Boyfriend/Fiancee

He doesn't get grumpy when I repeatedly kick his ass at Dr. Mario, and other video games.

He holds back my hair when I'm sick.

(I am NOT including a picture for this one...)

He likes to help me with wedding planning (or at least pretends to).


He surprises me with tasty treats.

"You put the spoon in the pudding..."

He does all our laundry so that I don't have to and can keep studying.

And he looks just like this when he's doing it...

He doesn't get mad when I forget to take my clumps of hair off the shower wall after I shower (ladies...you know what I'm talking about...).

Clump of hair monster says ROAR!!!

Whenever we disagree on how cold the A/C should be, he lets me win.

He smells nice (usually).

He gets up before me on exam days to make me fresh squeezed orange juice.

Look at Mark's pretty bracelet...
And the #1 reason my boyfriend/fiancee is better than your boyfriend/fiancee...

He pays for, downloads, and watches Say Yes To The Dress with me.




  1. Sounds like you got yourself a girlfriend.

  2. haha - great post Denise! Love it!!!

  3. Adorable. Is the picture from #6 from one of the Porn for Women books?

  4. How can I get that dress for my wedding can I buy it from u, loving it