Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here comes the bride....

May 26th, 2012…Vancouver Convention Centre

Mark and I FINALLY got the contract for our venue.  We will be getting married May 26
th, 2012 (ceremony site to be determined) and having our reception at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  WE ARE PUMPED!!!

The VCC was the first place that my mom, my maid-of-honour, my wedding planner, myself and Mark agreed on.  It has everything we wanted for our wedding: a Vancouver view, a lounge area, a separate room for kids to play in while their moms and dads drink up, a patio for smoking celebratory cigars, walking distance to a ton of hotels/public transit stops, and a West Coast menu.  It’s amazing.  Here are a few pictures of the outside…

Here is the actual space where we’ll be partying it up…

Needless to say, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I am now fully in bride-mode (sorry Mark).  All my planning is no longer hypothetical…I actually have a space where I can envision everything I want!  Now that you guys know where the venue is, any new opinion on the colour schemes I mentioned in an older post?  I think the room is so beautiful that I don’t want to overdo decorating.  The sloping glass, wooden beams, open patio, and of course, the view speak for themselves.

Included with our booking, Mark and I get a room at the Fairmont Hotel for our wedding night.  For those of you who don’t know, the Fairmont is a very posh hotel in Vancouver (a lot of celebrities stay there when they’re in town filming movies).  Mind you, we don’t necessarily plan on using the room.  My goal is to stay up ALL NIGHT and then go for Denny’s breakfast in my wedding dress (for those who don’t know, Denny’s is where Mark and I had breakfast on our first date).

Stay tuned for more wedding updates!!!

(countdown to being a wife…363 days)


  1. Also, for those of you who don't know. Denny's is when I first met mark over my hungover birthday breakfast. As for colours I think you should have something vibrant, I am leaning towards orange or a bright pink. Those colours look smokin hot on you. Miss you both!

  2. That view is absolutely amazing... I always said I wanted to get married in my homeland :)

  3. I think you can still do the gorgeous purple/blue flowers- they'll blend well with the ocean view.. you can just keep the actual # of decorations or amount of the colour minimal to not take away from the location


  4. Well, we will be waiting for the invite, so we can see the beautiful bride all grown up