Thursday, June 30, 2011

You can't spell "Marriage" without "I Am Rage"

Mark and I before we started dating.
Yes, I have been known to grope on
my male friends.

Mine and Mark’s (Mark’s and my’s ??) wedding is less than 11 months away.  I have already started making appointments for our 14 precious days in Toronto/Vancouver this August.  So far on the itinerary we have meetings with churches, wedding dress shops (in Toronto & Vancouver), jewellers, photographers and other miscellaneous suppliers of wedding services. 

Between trying to catch up after a week of being sick in bed and planning our wedding, I am almost certain that I am having multiple tiny seizures throughout the day.  Thank God for my wedding planner or they would be straight up rage black-outs.  

In an attempt to keep myself sane, I have gotten into the habit of giving Mark what I lovingly call “Wedding Homework” to take some of the burden off of myself.  He always does it without complaining, and (usually) in a timely fashion.

Mark’s most recent “wedding homework” was to help with our Save-the-Dates.  Now that Canada Post has been sent back to work, I was all ready to order them.  I picked out a super cute design for a rad price.  Then I realized that I had no idea what I wanted them to say.  I asked Mark, being a much better writer than I am, to write up some blurbs that he thought might be reflective of us as a couple and appropriate to send to not just friends, but family members as well.  His work made me raff out roud (that’s “laugh out loud” in an Asian accent, btw).  They include (I've added a few random pictures in the mix to spice things up):

Since the dawn of time, 
historians and storytellers have been looking for an example of perfect love. 
A love so passionate and astounding that it makes the heart soar. 
This Spring, come join us for our special day, as we commit to each other, and hope that the human race at some point finds the love I have previously mentioned. See you there!

When they first met, Denise didn’t like Mark at all. 
Now he’s tricking her into marrying him. 
Come check it out!

This is a photo from the Speakeasy training camp where Mark and I first met.
He's right.  I thought he was a pretentious douche bag.
Now, I KNOW he's a pretentious douche bag, but I love him anyway.
Put it in the bank, folks: 
We’re getting hitched this Spring, and there is a very little amount that anyone can do about it. 
We spent a lot of money on a nice venue so please dress to kill.

Denise is really pretty. 
Imagine what she’ll look like in an expensive dress. 
We won’t show you pictures unless you come.

Mark landed himself a beaut, 
and Denise got herself a guy with a great personality. 
We have a pot going on how long this will last, but only if you show up!

This is what true love looks like....apparently...
He definitely nailed the “reflects us as a couple” part.

Opinions welcomed.