Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Quest for a Perfect Watch

For a couple of years now, I've been searching for my ideal watch. Right now my watch is a slim Stuhrling, which is very nice and I'm very fond of it, but I bought it as a stop gap until I find the one my heart is set on. It is also falling apart, since I live in Dominica, and everything falls apart here far more rapidly than in North America.

(Anecdote: There is a theory that Dominica literally speeds everything up, including relationships. So, if you're a couple who've been here for four months, by the end of it you're where you would be after a year: either stronger or further apart. It's like a pressure cooker.)

I get the sense that the search will take years, and so in the mean time I look for happy mediums. Meanwhile, listed from most important to less important, here is my list of criteria:

1. A slim case. Ideally, between 4-6mm.

2. Leather band, preferably brown.

3. White or cracked marble face.

4. Roman numerals or, if unavailable, notches. Absolutely no regular numbers.

5. Slim long and small hands.

6. A second hand.

7. The date, though not the day.

Below is the closest I've come. The only reason why I won't buy it is that it doesn't have a slim case, which is a deal breaker.

Of course, I won't invest a ton in anything right now, mainly because I'm poor, but also because anything I bring back here will get damaged.

So, if you see anything like the picture above, but super slim, please give me a shout.


  1. Oh, the watch hunt. I was on the hunt for my honey for some years before I stumbled upon a Danish timepiece called Skagen. Perhaps you can have a look when you're up in Toronto. I got one at a local shop just outside of TO and it's a beauty....

    Good luck!!

  2. Have you looked into Swatch lately? A few years ago, I got one that was from the "skins" line, I think, and it's got a very slim case.

    They've branched out from the crazy collections of the 90s.