Monday, November 8, 2010

The Battle of the Boxes.

Before we begin, welcome to Stephanie, the latest follower of our blog. This is by far the coolest group of people I've ever seen.

We just got a package from Denise's parents, filled with (surprise) Decadent cookies from Superstore, men's razors, granola bars, and scar cream for our multiplying mosquito bites (Denise openly acknowledges that the inclusion of this one was because of her superficiality). We've pretty much demolished the cookies. Mmm.

We're also awaiting a package from my own parents. Somewhere in there, I'm sure, are more cookies. All this is gearing up for Christmas treats, of course. The real question is: who will send more packages in the long run?

Will the Sousa family claim the throne on the awesomest amount of packages, or will the McLeans battle for the title?

In all honesty, we're trying to create a bidding war, like children of divorced parents at Christmas. But seriously, we really doubt either set of parents is going to man up on this one. (Cough).

Who will be the victor? Or will an underdog sibling or kind friend seek to win?

Feel free to email us for our address, btw.


  1. i wish my parents sent us packages. sluts. i hate you two.

  2. You have mail coming your way. Note a package though.

  3. not....NOT a package...le sigh, it's 1 am here. I'm going to bed.

  4. I used that same ??? visual for work.... ahhh google images.