Thursday, November 11, 2010

A heartfelt post...(the title was Mark's idea...no surprise there...)

Today I did the coolest thing that I have probably ever done...

cut        into

It was so fucking awesome.  

Sad, obviously, because our cadaver had a pretty rough body, and what I can imagine, a pretty rough end-of-life.  However, as a scientist and future physician, today was amazing.

We are doing a cardiovascular unit right now.  Even before today's dissection, I had been giving a lot of thought lately to being a cardiologist.  Specifically a neonatal or even prenatal cardiologist (I pretty much want to be Addison Montgomery from Grey's Anatomy).  

Although I've always thought the heart was really awesome, it wasn't until I started learning about the development of the heart from embryo to fetus to baby to adult and all the ways that this can go wrong that I considered making it a profession. Mark says that being a cardiologist makes sense for me....not totally sure what that means.

It turns out that being a cardiologist has the biggest return-on-invest (financially) out of any medical speciality.  Throw on a subspecialty of "neonatal" or "prenatal", and I have the potential to one day be sleeping in a water bed filled with molten diamonds on a pillow made of fluffed platinum.

Of course, the irony of all this is that my own heart is a piece of shit that only really works when it wants to.  I mean this literally and not in the emo sense.