Friday, November 5, 2010

What I bought myself for being awesome...


Both from Victoria's Secret.  I got 3 free lip glosses with my purchase, and only went $15 over my $100 budget, which, considering that I was super under on my last gift (it cost $50), I figured I deserved it.

I don't care that I can only wear that dress for 3 weeks....I am going to rock it.

Denise (obviously)


  1. OMG. i thought you got those boots and i nearly died.
    i'm glad i don't have to kill you for them now(:

  2. I already have boots like that, so I didn't need to buy them....sucka!

  3. I bought that dress too!! Oh and have you seen the all sequined piece of sex they are selling right now?? Please give me a reason to buy it!

  4. I just looked it up and assume that I found the exact one that you are talking about.....

    Reason to buy it.....because one day we will be old and won't be able to wear pieces of sex like that, so cash in your hotness chips while you can.