Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cleaning house and clearing stomaches.

Ok, so we have some business to attend to.

First off, welcome to the blog Elvie and Natal! Counting Monique as two people, we now have seventeen followers. I remember when all we had was a measly little blog that no one read. Now look at this empire! For anyone who reads this but isn't following (cough Mike cough), if you press "Follow" then we'll give you a big fat shout out the next time!


But Elvie, who exactly are you? Your profile picture reveals nothing. Denise and I scoured our facebook friend list, and the only initials that could match were my friend Lindsey. Is that you?

While on the subject of anonymity, someone posted "Happy wives make happy lives." While both accurate and deep, I still have no clue who said it.

Moving on, Denise and I have been calamitously ill the last two days. I went out for some beers two nights ago, and was out of action for the next day, vomiting profusely. I'd be happy to admit when alcohol kicks my ass, but there was something amiss here; I really did not drink enough to warrant how sick I was, and so I suspect food poisoning. Similarly, Denise went out last night and had some drinks, and has been debilitated all day - again way out of proportion for what was consumed. The main connection between the two nights is the beer at the Tomato. I couldn't conclusively say what was the reason for our reactions, but I would have to raise a suspicious eyebrow at that establishment.

Sure, it's all fun and games now...

Anyhow, hopefully it's back on track tomorrow, and then we're heading for civilization again on Wednesday afternoon. I'm so excited to leave I feel a constant gravitational pull towards the airport.


  1. DAMN TOMATO! first robbing people.. THEN getting them sick.. fack!

  2. VERY belatedly, hi! You're almost right - it's your friend Lindsay, not Lindsey.

    also, holy crap, YOU'RE ENGAGED!!!!!
    obviously I was waaaaay behind on my blog following or I could have said as much when I saw you! But now e-congratulations will have to suffice.

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