Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who knew drinking out of a sink could be such fun? (We did...that's who)

During the first week of school, Mark and I threw our first house party since living in Dominica.  Why am I writing about it now, 4 weeks later you may ask…the truth is, Mark said he was going to, but then passed the duty over to me (hehehe…duty….) and I have been swamped with school since then, so there you have it.

Anyway, we had a “Sangria in the Sink” party.  You may be thinking... 

“A Sangria in the Sink Party? What the what is that?”  

Let me explain…

Mark and I attended our first (and only) SITS party when we lived in Vancouver.  Our dear friend SJ and her then boyfriend hosted it at their apartment.  The premise is beautifully simple.  Here are the steps to throwing your own SITS party:

1. Make sure you have friends.
2. Make sure you have a sink.
3. Invite friends.
4. Ask friends to bring either: (a) cheap red wine, (b) fruit juice, or (c) fruit.  

Mark and I kind of left this a bit open, which made for some surprisingly delicious additions to our sangria...

5. THOROUGHLY clean your sink and make sure you have a fitted sink-stopper.
6. As friends arrive, ask them to pour whatever they brought into your sink.
7. After enough guests have arrived, you now have a few litres of random sangria deliciousness.
8. Enjoy your first batch of sangria.
9. As friends continue to arrive, they continue to pour their booze into the sink.
10. Continue to enjoy a NEW batch of sangria.
11. Mingle and drink and hug and laugh and all things good.

The beauty of this set-up is that no two glasses of sangria will ever taste the same.  The flavour is constantly evolving as your friends pour their mix in.

By the end of the night, we had gone through 30 litres of sangria, made of:

15L of red wine
4.5 L of sangria mix
1.5 L of blush wine
1.75 L of white wine
750 mL of cherry brandy (a surprisingly delicious addition)
500 mL of rum punch (a surprising un-delicious addition)
6L of fruit juice
And a bunch of random fruit (apples, grapes, pineapple) 

At one point, we ran out of booze, and our friends Daniel and Steph had to make a run to the liquor store (aka convenience store across the street from campus) to get more wine.

A lot of people were skeptical about the party when we first told them that we would be drinking out of sink.  I think by the end of the night, though, we had convinced them of the amazingness that is SITS.

In a throw back to high-school house parties, there was actually a little bit of drama at our party.  Also like a high-school house party, we created a space where people could go have “serious” conversations if need be.  This space was my walk-in-closet.  We dubbed in the “Closet of Truth”…I think at one point there were 4 people in there together…awkward…

In other, much less fun news...

I have my first midterm of the semester coming up on Tuesday.  It is 5 weeks of material worth 50% of my grade for this block of classes.  I am freaking out.  Everyone is freaking out.  I think this is the first test that my entire class is unanimously terrified.  There are so many bug and drug names to remember that I fear my head might explode from me trying to cram it all in there.  In classic Denise fashion, I have already had a panic attack or two, and in classic Mark fashion, he has talked me out of them (although not as effectively as usual).

As we wait to take our exam, hysteria washes over the crowd...
(this is actually from outside a Justin Bieber concert...if I had to choose between my exam and Bieber...I would totally take Bieber)

After my exam (Tuesday, 11am – 2pm) I plan on eating something delicious and watching Disney’s "Hercules" with my friends Diana and Steph (and Mark I guess).  Steph has never seen Hercules, which is a down-right shame.

Zero to Hero (just like me...after I rock my exam? Probably not)
Wish me luck! (With the exam...not the eating or watching a movie part)



  1. GOOD LUCK on your exam!!! you know you'll ace that bad boy so don't sweat it. Something I find motivating is singing the frosted flakes theme in my head.
    "Show em' that you're a tiger, Show em' what you can do!"

    Be the tiger Denise, RRAAAWWWRRR

  2. Laura,

    I hope you'll have more of that motivational talk ready for my wedding day!

    Love you!

  3. I appreciate that you're spreading the glory of SITS to other nations.