Saturday, November 27, 2010

19 DAYS!!!

In 19 days we will be in snowy (?) Vancouver......

I am so fucking excited.

We left 95 days ago today, and since then, I have been making a list of things I want to do when I get home.  Here is a sample (the real list is much MUCH longer)....

- eat sushi, like, everyday,
- go to a movie and get an extra large popcorn and Diet Coke...maybe even some Reese's pieces,
- go to Staples,
- get a Starbucks and walk through Chapters,
- buy a fabulous new fall/winter outfit,
- wear my red coat from Paris,
- go to the mall with my mom,
- drink milk,
- go to Denny's and get a Grand Slam,
- get my hair done,
- go to Sephora/MAC and play with all the expensive make-up,
- get an Earl's salad,
- eat my weight in my mom's delicious Christmas treats (namely tarte de amendoa and rolo de chocolate),
- annoy my brother,
- eat Smarties and Ketchup chips
- get a Slurpee (I don't care how cold it is outside)

The list goes on and on.  Hopefully, I have enough time to do everything.  I plan on sleeping very little and maximizing my time in Canada.  I'm sure that the time is going to fly by too fast.

What I imagine snowy Vancouver to look like...

For the next 17 days though, I need to focus on school and getting straight As so that I can justify buying myself a ring I really want from Tiffany's (no, not an engagement right....).

Isn't she a beauty? I reserve to right to pick out a different ring once I get to the store though...


  1. HAHA you're so amazing. i think this is why we get along. a) i have a list as well; b) i have a pair of solitaire studs chosen for xmas at t & co. oh boy.

  2. Merry Christmas to you, from JA?

  3. I too have a list... but my countdown is much longer :( I believe I still have about 155 days until I am back in civilization. So please enjoy reality for me as well while you are there!!!