Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another book.

Finished another book, one I'd been reading for awhile on the side. Highly recommended for anyone who doesn't really know much about science, but wants to.

Every once in awhile I would tell Denise a cool fact from the book, about something like the nature of the universe, and she would look up from her studies and say: "yeah, they taught us that in grade 12."


  1. Wow Mark, I didn't know this was a speed reading competition. Congrats champ on winning third place next to me and your amazing girlfriend (note how I garner her favour here), who have been doing nothing except reading for the last month. And while you're out reading such challenging materials like...HARRY POTTER...I've been learning about all the legal means of keeping your girlfriend out of trouble if someone dies from perfectly reasonable and foreseeable causes under her watch. Did Bill Bryson teach you that?
    Can never miss an opportunity to sass you. Still haven't seen your bro.

  2. Bitter much? Perhaps if you spent less time prowling blogs to complain, you would have time to calm your shit down. So calm your shit down Sara.

    I appreciate the sass. And you should read the book, when you have some spare time. Shit, right, no spare time. Sorry. Enjoy your textbooks.

  3. My shit is calm Mark. My mind, however, is reeling. Where is Denise's presence? I long for her.

  4. She's studying like a beast, getting ready for a weekend in Winnipeg. You doing all right? How're you finding Toronto?

  5. Toronto is just another city. It has good and bad elements. Truthfully I'm reading about sixty or seventy pages of law related materials a day...so if I make it to the gym I'm happy. Beyond that I simply don't have the energy to bus into town to explore at length. There are great parts though. Nuit Blanche is saturday (all night art show around the city) so I'll hit that up.
    I'm working out a lot, getting really fit, and eating pretty well - so there is an upside. I can't tell if I'm doing all this simply because I'm poor or paranoid about gaining weight at school (little of both probably).
    Anyway, how about you? I mean aside from the blog...shoot me an email. :) or try and teach me how to use skype.
    love and miss you both.