Monday, September 13, 2010

A week's worth of learning

This is all the notes from my first week of medical school (not including textbook readings...which I don't do anyway).  I plan on making this a weekly thing.  I predict the pile will be up to my knee by the end of the semester.

Overall, I am feeling okay about school so far.  I don't feel overwhelmed.  I'm not filled with a sense of dread.  I  have made time everyday to decompress and do things for fun.  I'm either (a) a better student than I remember, or (b) completely missing something and am going to flunk out.  

I ran into a 4th semester the other day who I recognized from UBC (we have mutual friends, but never spoke at UBC).  She reassured me that this stuff (meaning medical school) is manageable.  She also told me that UBC really prepares it's science students well for medical school because of all the self-directed study that is required (code for profs there don't feel like teaching and except you to figure it out yourself....).  So, I guess that's a plus for me!  She also said that Canadian students tend to do better overall than the American students.  I'm hoping for a bit of self-fulfilling prophecy here.

So, for those of you that were hoping this blog would be a portrait of my eventual mental break-down, you are out of luck (so far).  Stay tuned, though!

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