Friday, September 10, 2010

The Weather

I'm going to be stepping out and heading to campus in a minute, but as it stands it's raining right now, so this gives me a good opportunity to, well, talk about rain.

Weather here is kind of the opposite of Winnipeg. In Winnipeg, you can see a storm on the horizon, sometimes you can predict when it will arrive, if at all. Here, we're on the west side of the island, and most of the weather comes from the east. We don't find out about the clouds until they roll overtop of the mountain above Portsmouth. So it could be the nicest (read sunny, which doesn't mean nice for me) day, and then a looming black cloud hangs right above the mountain. Ten minutes later it's absolutely pouring, and anything that's not under cover will be drenched. 5 minutes after that, the sun's out and it's clear skies.

It's taking some getting used to, but the main lesson I've learned is that if it starts raining, find cover immediately.

Here's a map!


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