Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stupid currency

[Warning: Swear words below]

I hate the coins they use here.

At Island Thrift, I have to count the money at the end of the day, and because we transport our cashbox in a suitcase, the coins get all mixed up. Frustrating, certainly, but all I have to do is separate them. No problem.

Big fucking annoyance.

Here is an East Caribbean Dollar:

Note the charming boat.

Here is the East Caribbean Quarter:

Note the charming boat.

What the fuck? Why do both coins have the same fucking image on them? They're about the same size as their respective Canadian counterparts, so you have to see them close up or feel them to know the difference. What dumbass thought it was a good idea to make two coins the fucking same?

Now the rest of the coins:

Click to see them much, much larger.
Not only is anything less than a quarter essentially useless (remember, an EC quarter is worth about a dime in Canada), they're also made from some shitty plastic, it's like toy money. And someone - probably the same jackass from above - thought, "Hey, do you know what would fuck up everyone's day? Let's throw a 2 cent coin in there too". Why is it there? Damn it! They must know we're going to throw it away! Argh. And to top it off, all the coins seem to take different shapes: they can be round, they can be octagons, they can be squares, they can even be little bumpy flowers, like the 5 shown above. What the fuck?

What I miss is the nice, differently coloured loonie, and it's charming brother the toonie. Here, at the end of the day, your wallet could have 20 coins, but who the fuck knows how much money you actually have? Canada: nice and simple.

What the hell is this 50 cent coin doing here?

I hate this damned currency.

Rant done.

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