Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm 98% excited and 2% scared....or maybe it's 98% scared and 2% excited...I dunno....that's what makes it so intense...

Tonight Mark and I celebrated (mourned?) my last night of freedom.  I start class tomorrow, after which point I will no longer be the girl-who-wants-to-go-to-medical-school, but rather, a medical student.  I am about to start training for the last job I will ever have (theoretically).  Suck it, Burger King!

I spent today mostly chillaxing.  I went to the gym in the morning and worked on my fitness.  Then I went to the library, did some Face-creeping, and pre-read all my lectures for week...cuz I'm hard-core like that.  Had a delicious Subway tuna sandwich for lunch, hung out with Mark at work, then went back to the air conditioned library to send a few emails.  After Mark was done work, we went to the pool with some friends.  (I heard that there was actually a crab in the pool the other day - it had somehow managed to scurry in there from the beach without getting demolished.)  We walked home, I showered, then played on the iPad until we headed for dinner.  If this was my life everyday, I could definitely get used to it.

There is a restaurant down the street from our house called Riverside.  They are an international restaurant, and they aren't messing around.  They have American, Italian, Dominican, Chinese, and Thai food - they even carry sushi sometimes, which you buy by the piece, not the roll.  I wouldn't dare contaminate my refined sushi palate with sushi from Dominica.  Although the service is SO slow (tonight was exceptionally bad), the food is consistently delicious.  I had the best seafood fettucini of my life, and banana spring rolls with home-made ice cream for dessert.  This little guy was chilling next to our table for a while...

which made Mark wary.

We just got home now.  The walk up Moo Cow, despite the conspicuous lack of cows, was awesome because I got to see two of my favourite things....

1. puppy prints in cement (they even match my tattoo), and

2. garbage art....does this piece of wrapper not totally look like a parrot with a blue beak!?!

Anyway, I am off now.  Should probably try to get a good night’s sleep before I become a doctor.  Ciao!


  1. Just a note: you went to the library to send emails? Where the eff was mine?

  2. PS. I would now like to point out that my name no longer comes up as cyber_gurl16 lol.